Inspired by the tragic events of a true story, Blood Wedding is a haunting tale of love, deceit, fate and vengeance. A mother; still grieving for the loss of her husband who was stabbed and killed during a feud with the rival Felix family, finds her son is due to marry. an ex-lover of a Felix. But he is happy to let the past rest, for love… for now.

On the wedding night two lovers ride off on horseback. The Moon and Death, the puppet masters of the piece, overlook it all and ensure our protagonists meet their final destiny.

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Director: Bronagh Lagan

Designer: Francisco Rodriguez-Weil

Composer: Lewis Greenslade

Lighting Designer: Paul Green


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“But it is a testament to the richness of the work that neither the off-broadway production that I saw in Spanish nor the intense and intimate one that I saw seven years ago under a pub in Baron’s Court prepared me for the overwhelmingly awe-inspiring execution of vision by Bronagh Lagan in this triumph at The Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton…” – HACKNEY HIVE 5*


“And this production is most certainly magic realism, richly adorned in the magic of the theatre…”

“Richly layered and sizzling with seductive, sexual energy, this production is a feast for the senses, and for the mind, it will leave the theatregoer’s soul rent in two by the end…” – ISLINGTON GAZETTE 5*


“This performance is high-spirited and volatile…”

“The play seems to emerge quite directly from the minds of the players and is refreshingly engaging and experimental…”

“Brace the storms outside to see this show!” – PLAYS TO SEE 4*


“With direction by Bronagh Lagan, the storyline follows that of love and betrayal, which this production superlatively captivates making for an emotional thought provoking piece…”

“Blood Wedding is a definite must see for drama enthusiasts with its rich themes that this company wonderfully portray to deliver an emotive thought provoking piece…” – BACKSTAGE PASS 4*

“Lorca’s writing is inherently poetic, tumbling over the page with a beautifully tortured grace, mirrored here with the use of physical theatre, dance and music laced through the production…” 

“The ensemble of actors show great guts in their committed attack on Lorca’s lyricism…” – FOURTHWALL MAGAZINE


“Bronagh Lagan’s Blood Wedding does full justice to his work with a production that overflows with emotion, compels with its portrayal of families rent asunder and captivates with its language.”

“Blood Wedding is a difficult piece to stage – so much can go wrong in any production that’s an all-through 100 minutes, never mind one with this level of ambition – but they pull it off spectacularly well…” – BROADWAY WORLD


“Beautifully orchestrated, Lagan utilises Rodriguez-Weil’s triumph with characters entering and exiting the stage intermittently…” – A YOUNGER THEATRE