A ferocious, haunting and beautiful Irish tale by Marina Carr, writer of By The Bog of Cats, The Mai and Ullaloo.

Portia Coughlan lives in a monstrous Limbo, haunted by a yearning for her spectral twin brother lying at the bottom of the Belmont river, unable to find any love for her wealthy husband and children, seeking solace in soulless affairs, deeply afraid of what she might do…

‘Portia coughlan packs a hell of a punch. It hurts to look at it. But it has to be seen.’ – Irish Independent
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Directed by Bronagh Lagan

Designed by Nik Corrall

Production Pictures by Claire Bilyard



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“The wonderful direction by Bronagh Lagan is a source of perpetual wonder.”

“The inventive staging, the lighting and the dark ambience aid and assist the narrative with rampant ingenuity.”

“The dialogue and framing gradually evokes a Mike Leigh feel”

“the denouement offers a gut punch, delivered with a stunning force by a consummate cast, that would knock out the hardiest of souls.” – BARGAIN THEATRELAND


“The haunting collisions of past, present and future are expertly caught in Lagan’s tender, delicate production”

“The cast bring a fully inhabited sense of life to every single character”

“A poignant, powerful production of an overlooked play that returns it to London” – THE STAGE ****


“Gothic, contemporary, painful and genuinely really darkly funny. This is a play that is ready for a larger stage and larger audience – but this is the space to see it  – Bronagh Lagan’s production fills every inch of the room, it’s a truly full on piece of theatre – in the best possible way.”

“There’s an energy to the writing, performances and direction that means you can’t look away. The cast are outstanding” – LONDON THEATRE1 ****


“Director Bronagh Lagan turns the small space at the Old Red Lion into a cauldron..”

“consistently fine acting from an outstanding company makes this a production to savour…” – PUBLIC REVIEWS ****


“it is a ferociously punchy play”

“Quite how Marina Carr’s Portia Coughlan hasn’t been seen here since its 1996 debut seems scarcely credible, such is the power of Bronagh Logan’s revival for Aria Entertainment at the Old Red Lion”

“Hauntingly effective and thought-provoking too, this is an exceptionally well-judged revival.” – THERE OUGHT TO BE CLOWNS


“…wonderfully choreographed by director Bronagh Lagan whose dream is being fulfilled by the production of this haunting drama.”

“…a picture to stay in the memory.”

“With the passionate impact of Greek drama this is a play to be seen.” – REMOTE GOAT 4*


“The central casting of Susan Stanley as Portia was inspired”

“There is wonderful ensemble support round this starring performance”

“a marvellous 2015 production of an Irish classic” – BEST OF LONDON LIFE


“Director Bronagh Lagan successfully captures the tone and mood of the play as it barrels towards its inevitable end.” –  THE PLAYS THE THING